USECON at the General Assembly Meeting of MED1stMR

The H2020 project MED1stMR started in June 2021 and conducted a General Assembly (GA) meeting from 14th to 15th June 2022 in Thessaloniki, Greece. USECON, as project partner, attended the meeting and contributed with several presentations and a workshop.

MED1stMR started in June 2021 with the aim to improve medical first responder training by developing an innovative mixed reality (MR) solution and training curriculum. USECON was involved as a partner from the very beginning and is responsible for the end user management and work package (WP) 8 – Dissemination, Communication & Exploitation. Therefore, our project team attended the event, presented the status of their tasks and conducted a workshop with all meeting participants.

Dissemination and Communication in Horizon 2020

On the first day of the GA meeting, Valerie (Marketing and Business Development Manager) presented the project´s Dissemination and Communication status. All major achievements from the previous year were summarized and the importance of these tasks for all partners was emphasized. Successful communication in H2020 projects is a collaborative effort – all project partners need to support with their organisational channels and spread the word about the project.

Exploitation Workshop for MED1stMR

Afterwards, Birgit (Project & Business Development Manager) moderated an exploitation workshop to identify and refine the key exploitable results of the project together with all partners. This aspect must be considered from the very beginning of H2020 projects to ensure that the results can be commercially used when the project is completed. This is often a challenge for scientific and technical partners and can be ideally accompanied by USECON’s consulting experience. All partners got together in small working groups and contributed their expertise to develop potential business cases based on the expected project outcomes. The results of the groups were presented to the full plenum and will be discussed with the EU in a separate workshop in June 2022.

End users in the center of the project

Another important topic raised was the end user management in the project. This was discussed in the plenum, moderated by USECON, to estimate the availability of the projects´ end users for the rest of the year. This is a crucial aspect since the research partners plan to execute studies where input from and participation by the end users is required. To ensure an end user-centered development, it is necessary that all involved partners experience the technologies by themselves to be able to estimate the usability for the future medical first responder training.

All in all, it was a successful meeting with interesting presentations and contributions from all partners. Moreover, it was a great opportunity to network and exchange with the participants in a formal and informal setting to set the basis for further collaboration in MED1stMR and beyond.

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