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User Research & Insights

We place your customers in the centre of approach

Understanding customers and users is the precondition for a good Usability and a positive User Experience. User Research uncovers the actual expectations, needs and requirements of your target group and shows how users experience your product or service.

Being the fundamental part of UX Design, User Research enables specific development and optimisation of your products and services. Only with these gained insights, ideas for products, concepts and designs with a wow-factor are possible.

Whether it’s a website, mobile app, business application or point of sale – with the use of approved user research methods we are able to uncover problems users have, offer concrete recommended action and deliver the basis of decision making for a successful product development.

Why User Research?

User Research answers the following questions:

  • What kind of requirements, needs, barriers and expectations do my customers and users have?
  • Who is my target group and what kind of segmentation does it consist of?
  • What makes my User Interface, service or product valuable for my target group?
  • In what kind of situations and in which context do future customers use my product or service?
  • Is my business model understandable?
  • Which perspectives do I – as project manager – miss?
  • Where doe the strengths and weaknesses of my competitors lie and what can I gain of this information?
  • What kind of trends and insights can I gain from market and research?
  • Which technologies do my customers accept?

References & Expertise in User Research & Insights

Get to know more about our successfull projects in the field of User Research & Insights. We were able to support W&H Dentalwerk, for example, with Usability & User Experience Testing and accompany Lidl Österreich since many years in the field of Customer Experience.

User Research Methods for Various Questions

To support your in your project, we at USECON have a variety of User Research methods available and a long-term experience in their application:

  • Usability- and UX-Test
  • Agile UX-Test
  • Heuristic Evaluation and Experten Review
  • CX-Analysis and Customer Journey Mapping
  • Cross-Channel- and Touchpointanalysis
  • Workshops and Focus Groups
  • Task-Analysis
  • Context Interview, Observation and Ethnography
  • Card Sorting
  • Personas and Customer Segmentation
  • Online- and mobile Survey
  • Accessibility Evaluation
  • Eye Tracking (stationary and mobile)
  • Competition Analysis and Market Analysis
  • Analytics-Analysis
  • Prototyping

We advise you gladly what kind of methods are perfect for your project.

Learn more about our focus on Experience Design & Prototyping or Strategy & Change.