Weinflaschen im Kuehlregal


5 good reasons to talk to us or to work with us

1.) Our passion – We love experiences! – Passion. Culture. Philosophy.

We understand experience not only as a business model but practised culture. This kind of passion is a fundamental part of our service and is being involved internal and also in customer projects from the very beginning.  

2.) 15 years of experience with more than 1.000 projects – Expertise & Experience.

We dispose of an experience of more than 1.000 national and international projects. In addition to quite a few consulting & design activities, we also count our all-round experience in a broad field of the industrial and application sector, expecially the banking-, telecommunications- and technology area, to our core competence

3.) Good Experience Design doesn’t happen by accident – Methodological Approach & Research.

The holistic integration of our methodological and solution-oriented approach is highly priorised in our customer projects. Within our four fields of business, the strategic and methodological orientation is of high importance to us. Because of our good connections with research institutes and the participation in national and international research projects, we always look for knowledge resp. beyond state of the art solutions.

4.) Better Together – Network & Partner.

We’re better together! This mission statement stands for our international network of research, science and technique since more than 25 years. We also have founded Experience Partners, an international network of leading companies in the fields of Customer Experience. Together with our partners, we master any challenge.

5.) “Out of the Box Thinking” – Break away borders & Transfer Knowledge.

Because of the broad field of digital subjects, our experience in various fields of industry and the independence of technology, we are used to break away borders and look beyond our nose. It is our task to transfer insights and state of the art findings of various domains and hence improve the experience of your customers.

We are looking forward to assure your of our services – Markus Murtinger is at your service.