Eine Reihe Papier Prototypen von Screens mobiler Geräte mit einer Hand, die einen Kugelschreiber hält


Making Experiences tangible!

With Experience Prototyping, first ideas and concepts of your system are being visualised and thus made “tangible” for your future customers and users. Keeping costs and time low, we can pursue various approaches, innovations and ideas in early stages of the project and test them with users of your target group and develop them further. 

Prototyping visualises the concept of your system in various iterations. Connections and processes are being clearly illustrated and the User Experience of your future users is measurable. Prototyping gives you the possibility to test how potential customers might react in early stages of the project. Potential for optimisation is thus early visible and can be implemented promptly.

We also offer trainings on Experience Prototyping. Do contact us, to find out more.

Gradual optimisation via user feedback

The following questions can be answered with the help of Experience Prototyping:

  • Is the overall concept of the idea understandable? Where is lack of clarity?
  • Is the concept technically feasibla resp. what kind of restrictions are there?
  • Is the design appealing, what kind of emotions does it create?
  • Will the solution be accepted by the (new) target group? How well does the stystem suit the brand and branding?

Feedback will be incorporated and improved versions will be evalutated with users repetitively. Necessary changes can be implemented with low effort to avoid later and more expensive bug fix.

Possible services with Experience Prototyping (excerpt)

Select the right Experience Prototyping approach for your project from our methods and approaches:

Visualising of application scenarios, use cases and services

Various Prototyping methods (e.g. comic stories) are at your disposal to test your ideas and services with a Usability and User Experience test with users from your target group.

Paper Prototyping for first ideas and concepts

It is best to visualise initial ideas and essential processes in the first step on paper. These so called Paper Prototypes will then be tested with users of your target group. Thus you will gain first feedback on your ideas in early stages of the project.

Clickable Prototypes for various interfaces and systems

In later stages of the project, we suggest to develop a Clickable Prototype. This is based on either sketches or already designed screens. Thus you can test interfaces and systems for the web, mobile devices, applications or softwar (GUI) with real users and can implement the feedback close to the development.

Wizard Of Oz method (Simulation of interaction)

You can also create Prototypes for complex, interactive systems. This helps you to simulate the interaction of the user with your system in a very early stage of development. Possible barriers are easily realised and can be corrected. Insights in opinions and beliefs of your customers provide additional, valuable feedback to follow in later stages of the project.

Virtual Hardware Prototyping (3D)

When developing new hardware (e.g. terminals, remote controls, mobile devices,…) it is as crucial, just like with an application, to test first designs with real users. In doing so, various versions of design in matters of functionality, ergonomics and the whole experience can be tested off against each other.

Field of application (examples)

We offer our Experience Prototyping expertise for various fields of application:

  • Typical software application (GUI)
  • Web application, e.g. Intranet, internal systems
  • Websites, e.g. microsite, e-learning and gaming sites
  • Mobile websites, e.g. for mobile devices optimised websites
  • Apps for e.g. smartphones and tablets
  • Voice User Interfaces, e.g. IVR systems, navigation systems
  • Kiosk systems, e.g. POS terminals, automats
  • Hardware User Interfaces, e.g. machine operation, remote controls, consumer products
  • Visualisation, e.g. guidance system, logistics visualisation


We also offer Training on the subject of Experience Prototyping. Michael Bechinie is at your service for all questions regarding our Prototyping services.