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Design & Prototyping

Advantage in Competition by User Experience Design

Successful companies procure and secure their advantage in competition by systematic use of User Experience Design. We see User Experience Design as an essential business tool, which has measurable and sustainable influence on the success of (digital) products, applications and services. It is also a signifcant key differentiator compared to similar systems.

User Experience Design to us, is the holistic transfer of your business models and workflows alongside the whole chain of process. We produce wireframes and mock ups for you, design the user interface and create a suitable visual/graphic concept. Always under consideration of your corporate identity, brand guidelines and strategic goals.

User Experience Design & Prototyping in practise

The market for products for end-users in the 21st century shows that customers allocate products with the characteristics of “ease, clear, fast, intelligent and appealing”. Technical functionalities of a product or service are assumed as standard to the users. That’s why the creation of sustainable, positive customer experiences in the line of noticable differentiation is even more important.

Designing customer experiences – User Centred Design

The arrangement and design of customer experiences is what we call Experience Design. During the whole design process, the consideration and application of best practise methods, depending on the definition of the target groups, the context analysis and the definition of each part, are the key role. Essential factors can be, for example, Usability, trust, fun or aesthetics. Based on the User Centred Design (UCS) approach, we work on a goal-oriented, iterative change between analysis-, design- and evaluation processes and on the development of the following results.

Design decisions – Design rationality

We make design decisions together with you on the basis of the three parameters User Experience (user’s view), technical feasability (system’s perspective) and time & budget (management’s perspective). Every design decision involves a “design rationality”, which is based on User Interface design principles, User Experience factors and/or key performance indicators and which are priorised in advance together with you.

Expertise and know-how

Our design focus lies on conception and design of complex business applications, B2B systems, PORTALSYSTEMEN as well as in human machine interfaces (HMI) in the industrial field. Our know-how goes from the design of e-commerce systems, CRM applications to end-user/service gateways and complex interfaces for controlling machines. Get an overview of our references.

User Experience Design & Prototyping Service Portfolio

Our Experience Design Service Portfolio is based on the phases of the Human Centred Design process (ISO 9241-201) and covers all essential steps:


  • Execution of context analysis (observe, interviews of users within their work context). What kind of tasks does which user have, what do they do, when and why?
  • Analysis of involved stakeholders and their relationships
  • Definition and development of Personas


  • Analysis of the current scenario (current systems, procedures, use cases, workflows)
  • Identification of cruxes, areas of problems and approaches


  • Definition of strategic objectives of the services (so called “peaks”)
  • Creation of future target state based on peaks
  • Development of storyboards, interaction design, visual design, icons, animation
  • Creation of tangible, interactive low fidelity to high fidelity prototypes

Design Management

  • Development and management of style guides (service design, user interface, etc)
  • Design coaching (e.g. implementation of experience design processes, institutionalisation of UX jour fixe)
  • Training, set-up of skills in companies

If you have questions about our User Experience Design solutions, do not hesitate to contact Valerie Schlagenhaufen.