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Services alongside the User Centred Design Approach

At USECON, the users and the customers with their expectations and needs are always the center of our attention and work. Having this in focus and considering our 3 Us – Usability, User Experience and User Interface Design – we support you in your Customer Experience, digitalising and transformation projects. In each phase of a project – the analysis, innovation, design & prototyping and evaluation – we involve the users and their needs and find out, how you can fulfil your customer’s needs the best. 

Our experience services are divided into the various phases of the project. We support your either in on of the phases or accompany you along the whole way.


We answer relevant questions from the user’s or customer’s view in the Phase of Analysis. We make place for the human’s persepective and definie the needs, expecations and perceptions they tie to your system.


Profit form your user’s and customer’s knowledge and potential for your own service-, product- or interface-development – and make them your founders of ideas. We support you in the Phase of Innovation with various approaches and methods to identify new business models.


During conception and development of our User Experience Design approach, the human – as user and customer – is always the center of our attention. To design appealing and intuitive usable products and services, we focus on the needs of the users as a central part of the design process.


First ideas and concepts of your system are being visualised in Experience Prototyping to make them tangible for your future customers and users. Various approaches, innovations and ideas in early phases of the project can be pursued with low effort in costs and time.


It is often hard to understand that factors like ease of use (Usability) or the entire experience of the user (User Experience) are measurable parameters, that are directly linked to the business’ success. We support you in identifying potentials and solutions during the phase of Evaluation of your system.

Trainings and Workshops

Additionally we also offer trainings and workshops, to familiarise you and your colleagues with Usability, User Interface Design, User Experience and Experience Management.
Find out more in the section Training and Workshops.

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