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Our approach

Business & Technique –
Where does customer experience remain?

We see User Experience & Customer Experience as the link between the economical and the technical world. Innovative business models will be developed and adequate activities and project goals will be given from a business’ point of view. Factors like growth in sales, market share or actions for efficiency play a big part in this approach. The technical point of view focusses on the realisation resp. feasability of planned specifications.

But where does the customers’ point of view, resp. the definition of success-factors from the future users’ view of these digitalised applications remain?

“Unique customer experiences are the key to a successful digital future.”

4 Business Fields –
From User Research to Experience Design and an Experience Strategy

Under the subject of digitalisation & transformation and the design of positive customer experience, we have focussed on 4 business fields. We support you in analysis (User Research & Insights), the design of User Interfaces (Experience Design & Prototyping), the establishment of an Experience Strategy as well as in Innovation.

Experience Management – Integrating the Customers’ View

To integrate the customers’ point of view to the process of digitalisation, our experience view relies on the factor “customer resp. user”.
Questions, we can answer due to our design and consulting processes in 4 fields of focus:

  • What kinds of requests, needs, barriers and expectations do my users and customers have?
  • Who are my current and my future target groups? What kind of characteristics form theses segmentations?
  • What makes my User Interface, service or product very valuable for my target group?
  • Which experiences (User Experience and Customer Experience factors) do I want to realise for my product or service resp. how do these work out with my business- and technical framework?
  • In which situations and context do people use my system or product?
  • How can these planned experiences be transformed to a design concept?

USECON Proceeding- User Centred Design

The way to a “good experience” leads via design, which then transforms to a business instrument itself. Design is the transformation process from a concrete task (the design problem) to a solution.

Human-centred Design Process (User Centred Design [UCD] Prozess)

In practice, the needs of the user and the context are being collected way too late resp. the results are being integrated only partially to the decision or adaption of the product or service.

A strategical proceeding is necessary which integrates the user not only at the beginning but in every step of the development. To design the Usability or User Experience in an optimal way on every level, various questions are already required to be answered during the system’s developement phase.

Excellent User- and Customer Experience
doesn’t happen by accident.