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Our Focus

USECON Focus – Head Start by Customer Based Point of View

The digital era changes the world which we daily live in. Needs and customers’ requests and their users and the following business models change continously and with high speed. The focus lies on digital strategies, understanding the customers, positive experiences (User Experience & Customer Experience) and ability for innovation. 

4 Business Fields –
From User Research to Experience Design and a Experience Strategy

Our projects are pretty versatile and often require various approaches or results. Our goal is to support you optimally alongside the User Experience value-added chain.

That’s why we focus on 4 business fields – and support you from the analysis to the design- and innovation process to the strategic anchoring of a user centred point of view:

User Research

User Research & Insights

The goals, needs and requests of your customers and users are the center of our attention. Based on well-grounded data and analysis, we generate concrete proposals for solutions for your business goals and target groups.

Experience Design & Prototyping

Experience Design & Prototyping

We create interfaces and design solutions to generate positive customer experiences within the frames of your business case. Our focus lies on complex web and mobile applications, gantry systems, machine interfaces and workflows as well as the illustration of your business models in the (digital) world.

Strategy & Change

Strategy & Change

We support your in digitalising and transformaton projects and create the digital transformation together with you. Together we develop strategic concepts and support you in the anchorage of a user centred point of view within your company.

Innovation & Future

Out of passion, we engage constantly and intensively with innovative subjects of the future. Accordingly our focus lies on our research activity in national and international projects. We pursue to exchange our knowledge to create sustainable projects and services together with you.

“Positive customer experiences
don’t arise accidentally!”