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Strategy & Change

Digital change by innovative technologies and experiences

Digital technologies change our world; they change the way we work, how we live and how we interact with each other. Whether it is Smart Home, Internet of Things or Industry 4.0: Innovative technologies have a big influence on nearly each part of our lives, they radically change processes that have been there for decades and influence sustainably work flows in companies and organisations of various fields. That’s where an experience strategy and a transformation- and change process is needed.

Digital Transformation & Experience

Digital technologies are the drive for sustainable changes. To smoothly make those transformations happen, it necessarily takes the view of the people who have to live with it in the future – the customers, the users and the employees. Whether it is Customer Experience, User Experience or Employee Experience – the way to digital processes is formed by the active shaping of all people involved.

“Unique customer experiences are the key to a successful digital future”

User centred view – Experience strategy

USECON supports you on your way to combine your business goals and technologies with a customer centred view. We support our customers regarding digital subject and develop together adequate strategic concepts and framworks.

We accompany you in transforming your strategy, support you in converting the digital processes (change processes) and design together with you, your company specific digital transformation process.

Return on Experience (RoX)

Clearly set out goals and a well-defined experience strategy are the key to success, which is crucial for an effecitve establishment of new technologies and innovations. Only when these factors are included, profitability of these activities is guaranteed and a digital ROI (or RoX – Return on Experience) is ensured.

But what does the way to digital transformation look like in detail? What kind of factors need to be considered when digital business processes are shifted? What does digital transformation mean for your business model and what kind of management decisions are needed?

Strategic Experience Management

Unique customer experiences are the key to a successful digital future.

Strategic experience management focuses on your target group. User and customer experience are not being viewed selectively, but focus on a sustainable, long-term, user-centred view and thinking in your organisation.

The crucial objectives of such an approach will be an increasing customer satisfaction, optimisation of touchpoints, reducing costs in internal processes and links to customers as well as seeking future potential for innovation. 

With the help of adequate experience strategies, business processes and business models can be aligned optimally from a user centred view and lead to unique positive experiences for your target groups.