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Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that factors like ease of use (Usability) and User Experience are measurable parameters and are directly linked to the success of a company.

If structures are understood, navigation is considered helpful, important features are found and users consistently find their way through the website, will be evident with qualitative tests and quantitative analysis with users and customers. There are also generally accepted standards and empirical value about Usability – their compliance will be reviewed by our experts.

Evaluation methods for for Usability & User Experience

You will get valid statements about the strengths and pain points of your system with our methods for evalution. Additionally we will offer concrete recommendations for parts of the system that have potential for optimisation. With these recommended actions, costs for personnel in customer support or optimisation of internal processes (factor “efficiency”) can be clearly lowered.

Also on the turnover-side increases are possible by implementing the recommended actions, which are expressed for example by optimising the conversion rate, positive mood of the customers or higher usage. Usability and User Experience are measurable and therefor improvable.

Services in the phase of evalution (excerpt)

Scientifically based methods (e.g. Usability test, Accessbility evaluation) and state-of-the-art technics (Eye Tracking, physiological measurements like EEG, mobile device tests) help us to evaluate your systems or products. We come back to user-based as well as expert-based methods:

User-based methods

Usability Tests

We test various systems and devices on handling and usage together with your users, independently in a lab or directly within the context (e.g. at home, in the cinema, at the office,…). You will thereby gain valuable input as well as concrete recommendations to improve the Usability of your product. Details and process of a Usability Test.

Accessibility Tests

We execute special Accessibility Tests with users of the precise target group and optimise your system regarding the standards in the field of accessbility

Eye Tracking Studies

Experience your point of sales, your ERLEBNISWELT or your website/application through the eyes of your customers. The evaluation of the gaze behaviour shows what your customers (don’t) see. More about Eye Tracking.

Point of Sale and ERLEBNISWELTEN Checks & Tests

Learn what your customers really experience in your shop or in your ERLEBNISWELT. With various methods (e.g. mystery shopping online or in shops, User Experience checks with defined criteria and standards, shop & ERLEBNISRAUM evaluation) as well as using state-of-the-art technics like mobile eye tracking, you will get to know your company from your customer’s point of view.

User Experience Studies

We measure the perceived experiences of your customers with your system over a time period ewth the help of various analysis methods (e.g. friendly customer phases, diary studies, experience capturing,…). The main focus lies on the different scenarios of usage and the essential User Experience factors like satisfaction, emotion, trust…

Agile User Experience Testing

We adapt to your processes and support you in the evaluation with special Agile User Experience methods, which are characterised by extra flexibility. Within a short time you will gain insight to concrete problems and customised suggestions for solution.

International Usability & User Experience Studies

We support you in the execution of worldwide Usability studies together with our partner network. Benefit from our experience in international project management and our hiqh quality standards.

Comparative Usability Tests

Compare your system with your competitors and get to know where your strengths, weaknesses and potentials from a user’s point of view lie.

On the Spot Tests & Interviews

To learn what people moves in specific situations, it’s best to ask them in this specific context. Usability & User Experiences studies within the context of a specific experience (e.g. at the checkout in a shop, during a consulting conversation, while window shopping,…) offer insights to these motivations  of your customers that are the reason for a certain decision.

Unpacking Experience Tests

Customer experiences during unpacking, installing to the first usage are being collected. What kind of wow-experiences do you customers have with the packaging? How understandable is the instruction? How easy is it to get the new device to work? These and similar questions do we ask in our Unpacking Experience Tests.

Remote User Experience Tests

We test your solutions with the help of software video tools with moderated and automated Remote Tests worldwide. Quantitative results of large samples show very clearly where Usability barriers lie or potentials are hidden.

Structure Test and Card Sorting

The focus of Structure Tests and Card Sorting lies on navigation, orientation and structure. Learn how your users think and help them to find their way in your system by adapting your information architecture to these structures.

Advertising material User Experience Check

Test the publicity value and emotionality of your advertising material (e.g. tv spots, flyer, posters, brochures, leaflets,…) with users from your target group via interviews, observation and eye tracking.

Expert-based Methods

Accessibility Evaluation

We support you in meeting Accessibility standards and with the design of accessible solutions.

Style Guide Evaluation

We evaluate your current Style Guide (e.g. for web, applications, mobile, print,…) and analyse whether it consists of any essential content resp. if these are feasible and tailored for your target group. We identify potential for optimsation and provide concrete solutions for improvement.

Usability and User Experience Expert Review

Our experts analyse your solutions with heuristics, with sectoral guidelines and based on defined use cases and offer concrete solutions for improvement.

User Voice Review – Social Media

Even your company is part of the social media world, even if you don’t actively participate – because people are talking about you. We collect input to Usability & User Experience of your products and services with the help of user comments and opinions in various social media networks (forum, facebook, communities, etc…) and develop concrete solutions for improvement.