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Innovation & Future

Design the Future with Experience and Innovation

The focus area of Innovation & Future deals with interaction and experience subjects of the future. On one hand in the in the course of national and international research projects, but also with in-plant innovations projects in the field of digitalising and transformation.

Future Prototyping – User Centred Innovation

By means of future prototypes and innovative interaction approaches, we make the subject of digitalisation available. We create innovative concepts for our customers, use various interaction paradigm and test them on new business models.

At the same time we do not lose our core focus – the involvement of the actual and future user in the development of these systems. As, especially in our innovation projects, the collaboration of business, technology and experience (users’ point of view) plays an important role.

National and International Research Projects

Based on our company history, we have always been involved in national and international research projects. Participating in these innovative research projects has given us a beyond-state-of-the-art insight in the developement of future digital systems and business models.

We integrate this knowledge in our daily design and consulting activities – which is one of our main advances on the market.

Research Focus – Current Innovation Areas

Experience Measurement

The question of measuring experiences (user experience, customer experience) is an ongoing one in our daily business. We develop and test new tools and methods to capture the real customer experience in its context respectively in the situation. For this subject, we developed the user panel ask:us and the website Experience Tools.

Experience Design for Privacy

In our current research project we attend to the question “how can good design improve the security and privacy of the user?”. Learn more about this subject on the project website of Privacy & Us.

Virtual & Augmented Reality – Practical Approach und Use Cases

In a view projects we attend to the question what kind of practical approaches a virtual & augmented reality technology offers. In our current research project LAW-TRAIN we examine the use of this technology for the training of executive agencies.

In parallel we also work on feasability studies and service design demos for use in virtual applications in the field of industry 4.0.

Are you interested?

Markus Murtinger is there to answer any qustion about Innovation & Future. If you have any questions about our research projects, please contact Valerie Schlagenhaufen.