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Use your customer’s knowledge and potential for the development of your service-, product-, or interface development – and make them the founder of ideas. We support you in the phase of innovation. 

The crucial components of success to involve users in the process of ideafinding, is the selection of the user (not every user tends to a high likelihood of being innovative) and the use of the right method. The options of methods are possible from idea workshops with advanced customers (lead users), context observation (observing users within their context of use, interviews to show potentials) to web based beta communities, where users can present their ideas and develop them further.

Especially web 2.0 technologies and the direct link from user to user or also to the company, offer many possibilitites and fascinating approaches in practise. Users’ ideas are often just waiting for companies, to take these approaches and develop them to successful products.

Services in the phase of innovation (excerpt) 

How do we get this knowledge into your company? These services are possible:

Beta Zones, Communities & Crowdsourcing

We establish your own online communities for testing and developing further your solutions and innovations. Let commited users test and improve your solutions in beta versions – you will gain valuable feedback and concrete recommendations for implementation.

Idea Generation Workshop

We collect and generate new innovations and inputs for interfaces, products and services in idea workshops with your customers. You will get concrete recommendations to improve your existing portfolio.

Idea Competition and Challenges

We execute regular innovation- and idea competitions with your users. Use this know-how and the potential of innovation of your users and customers.


We help you setting up and supporting long-termin innovation communities in your surroundings. With your own innovation-user-panel, it is very easy for your to discuss future ideas, innovation and suggestions of involved users and gain feedback very quickly.

Contextual Innovation Finding (Ethnography)

The best solutions for products or services are gained by observing the users within the real context of use (e.g. at home, at the office, in the cafe, while shopping,…). Thus you will get pure results for your requirements, terms of use and context.

Lead User Workshop

Innovation workshops with advanced users service to identify new opportunities and solutions for existing barriers. The highly (emotional) involvement of users in your company, gives your valuable insights to their wishes, expectations and innovations.

Online Scenarios & Idea Evaluation

Ideas and future scenarios of a big sample will be evaluated with visualisations of online methods (e.g. online surveys with comic stories). You will gain an explicit tendency which idea is capable of competing.