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In conception and development in our User Experience & User Interface Design solutions, the human – as customer or user – is always the centre of our attention. When designing appealing and intuitively usable products and services, we always look at the needs of the users as the central element in the design process. Only a positive Customer Experience will support the business goals of your company sustainably. 

The initial point when designing user centred products and services is always the analysis of requirements and expectation of your target group. You should ask these questions:

  • Which goals do your users and customers aim at while interacting with the offers of your company?
  • Which motivation does them drive?
  • Which steps are necessary to meet your goals and in which context does the interaction take place?
  • How can an adequate User Interface support your customers and users in the workflow?

The results are the basis we use to develop an Experience Design Strategy together with you as the framework for the actual desing of your products and services. Thus the needs of your users (e.g. fun, entertainment, joy, flow, trust, security, transparency,…) are being synchronised with your business goals. At the same time you enable your users an efficient, easy and intuitive execution of all tasks.

User Centred Design Process

Our method is iterative (step by step), where we attach importance to not only aesthetics but also to logical information- and navigation architecture, process-oriented as well as to task-oriented design.

  • Easy editable prototypes with different levels of detail will be developed in a first step, e.g. simple paper prototypes, click-dummies with limited functionality to graphically fully desigend, interactive systems.
  • In the second step user feedback will be obtained. Do the first drafts meet the expecations? Do the drafts make processes easier?
  • The third step is used to include the user feedback into the next version of the prototype.
  • Depending on the scope and requirements of your project, one ore more of these steps are necessary to get a final User Interface Design.

Our goal is to create emotional and aesthetical appealing user experience, alongside meeting Usability quality standards. Depending on the requirements of your project, we may accompany you in the development of the design during the whole process or in selected stages of the project. For obtaining the best solution in designing your products and services, we may also work directly with your project team (development, marketing, product management,…).

Possible services in the User Interface Design phase (excerpt)

Definition and Design of user centred work flow

We analyse existing processes and compile together with your project team an efficient work flow to keep resources low but increase productivity.

Information architecture and navigation concept

The development of a logical – adapted to the user – navigation structure and information architecture (e.g. card sorting), enables optimised orientation in the system and quick locating of content.


We create a Graphic-Design-Concept, matching your brand identity, with any essential graphical elements (icons, info-graphics, animations, illustration, logos,…)

Concept-Design and Interaction-Design

Our experts create an intuitively working User Interface Design for your target group. Working on use cases, we develop an Interaction-Design, which leads the user in only a few but logical steps to his goal.

Visual Design of Concept-Designs

Concepts of design will be transfered to detailed, visual design. Our experts create user centred layouts, contents, formulars, GUI-elements, icons,…


Building on visual design, we will create e.g. HTML templates or CSS data.

Style Guide Development

Together with your team, we develop style guides for different systems (e.g. web, GUI, mobile). Guidelines, templates and interaction patterns for your system will be defined within this document.

Application Area (examples)

We offer our design experties for various fields of application:

  • Typical software application (GUI) & User Interface Design (UID)
  • Windows 8 Design solutions (desktop, mobile)
  • Web application, e.g. intranet, internal systems
  • Websites e.g. microsites, e-learning- and gaming sites
  • Mobile websites e.g. for mobile devices optimised websites
  • Apps for smartphones and tablets
  • Voice User Interfaces, e.g. IVR systems, navigation systems
  • Kiosk systems, e.g. POS terminals, automats
  • Hardware User Interfaces, e.g. machine operation, remote control, consumer products
  • Visuals, e.g. guidance systems, logistic visuals