Digital diversity – A retrospective view of RoX 2018

Zuhoerer beim RoX 2018

Looking back on a successful RoX Conference 2018

Digitisation has already covered all industries and areas of life. When, where and how we are confronted with it in our daily life, we are often not even aware of. The design and implementation of the processes and systems behind it are unfortunately not that easy. Following this central theme, this year’s Return on eXperience Conference has successfully taken place on World Usability Day.

Practical workshops

Due to great demand, we again offered workshops before the conference day this year. “Hands on” was the slogan at the workshops which were all about User Integration in Agile Projects, User Experience (UX) Prototyping and Digital Customer Xperience.

In times of increasing user demands and the constant change of requirements on the digital market, more companies decided to develop new services and products in an iterative and incremental way. While doing this, the question “We are working in sprints – how are we supposed to include user tests?” often occurs. This is what Johanna Schauerhofer tried to answer in her workshop where she showed participants how user integration in an agile environment is going to work.

If it doesn’t fit, it’s going to be thrown away. Doing this when developing hard- and software can make the whole process extremely expensive. Christian Bechinie, Experience Designer at USECON, illustrated in his workshop “Hands on UX Prototyping” why it is not a good idead to save money on prototyping. He tried to raise awareness on the necessity of Prototyping in UX and explained where the wireframe ends and the prototype begins.

The workshop “Digital Customer Xperience” held by Hellmuth Leinfellner, Team Lead Xperience Design at Capgemini (this year’s partner of RoX) addressed the topic on how robots will change and at the same time, enrich our lives in the future. The workshop was rounded up by an introduction of the basics of Customer Experience and Customer Experience Journeys  aswell as with a practical part.

Conference on digitisation & digital diversity

The second day of the RoX conference was all about talks of top-class speakers of various industries. The topic of “Digital Transformation & Digitisation” was looked upon from the fields of B2B distribution, Intrapreneurship, User Experience Design & Prototyping and Customer Experience.

The audience got to know various use cases of real life, like MMK digital – the game changer in digitisation in the field of B2B or RBI Innovation Garden, an intrapreneur programme for employees of the Raiffeisenbank International. The talk about the digitisation of SK Rapid and its challenges was not only for fans of soccer of interest. All the way from Norway came a talk about the correct application of technology to deliver excellent Customer Experience.
There also were interesting talks out of the real life of the speakers – including best- and worst case examples: why prototyping can be curcial for the success of a company, what can be read on Customer Dashboards and how to implement User Experience (UX) strategically in design projects.


Digitisation does make all day routines of users in leisure time or work easy. The digital transformation of a company on the other hand, is a challenge which can be mastered with the right know-how and the application of the right technology.

Pictures of the RoX Conference and the workshops can be seen on our flickr-Stream. (German only) has also posted a nice article.

Thank you to everyone making this event happen. We are very much looking forward to the following year – let’s RoX 2019!

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