Can a relationship be planned?


Markus Murtinger (USECON) interviewed by Martin Ögg (Verkaufen) / Pictures: Mike Ranz

Interview with the magazine Verkaufen about Customer Experience (CX)

Markus Murtinger is certain: the relationship between a company and their customers can be planned. An interview about “featuritis”, “faster horses” and the “cream of the crop” in Customer Experience (CX).

The interview with Markus Murtinger, Director Consulting at USECON starts a bit late. We got completely lost in the colourful guidance system in the parking garage and wandered through hallways and stairways.

Finally, we found our host and – through this experience – were right in the subject of “Customer Experience” from the start:  „Customer Experience“….

Read the whole interview (German!).

Interview/Text: Mag. Martin Ögg, Mag. Alexander Kohl
Article issue 6/2016 –  Order the magazine!

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