Markus Murtinger held „User & Customer Experience“ Workshop

Beamerbild mit Markus Murtinger rechts im Vordergrund

On June, the 22nd 2017, Markus Murtinger has been invited as regularly since several years, to give a workshop concerning the topic “User & Customer Experience” in the build! Gründerzentrum in Klagenfurt. 

Goal of the workshop has been, to present concrete User and Customer Experience approaches and methods of the practice resp. to directly apply them with the participants during the workshop.

The selected methods showed, how future users can be implemented into the development process. In order to establish practical relevance, Markus applied methods, e.g. Personas an essential Use Cases together with the participants to the developed project ideas. The presented methods and examples of applications should contribute to show the participants the path to a successful product and service from a user’s point of view. Beyond, Markus aimed to explain the significance of user experience.

The agenda of the workshop can be summarized through the following content:

  • UX Rules – Why User & Customer Experience is important and what’s it use
  • Presentation of the User Centred Design approach
  • Practice: Application of User Centred Design Methods from the Analysis: Personas & Essential Use Cases
  • Creation of a joint Customer Journey
  • Experience Guidelines for a successful system
  • Where does the journey end up – When do customers say “WOW”
  • UX Rules – Q&A

Markus received a lot of positive feedback for his workshop and looks back on a day full of motivated and inquisitive participants and great interaction.

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