Design for Privacy

Tafel mit Präsentation und Michael Bechinie als Speaker

Design for Privacy – Creating Together

Michael Bechinie was at this year’s Mensch-Maschine-Konferenz and talked about „Design for Privacy – Creating Together“. He introduced the auditorium to “user data as currency”, to the research project USECON is part of “Privacy&Us” and he talked about the interaction behaviour from humans towards technical applications.

Digital markets – Technology ought to “work”

The current market situation shows, that customers describe attractive products with “clear, intelligent and useful”. Which means that thechnology that works is no longer an argument to sell but it needs to “fit and work”. Digital markets compete for customers, the currency are “user data”. To gain the biggest possible part of the “new money”, companies speculate how people “work”. “We don’t find out how things work, we muddle through.” (S. Krug). Bad news for designer and it still applies ot the interaction behaviour  of humans towards technical appliactions. Especially when designing for privacy & security it is all about the challenge to create interaction with products and services without “outsmarting” the human.

Documents and more information

Michael’s talk focused on pragmatic design principlies and learnings of the EU research project “Privacy&Us“ where USECON is part of.

Read the paper from Michael Bechinie. USECON was also part of the MUC 2017 with a talk on employee experience.

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