Webinar “Chatbots”

Alina Koehler mit USECON Haeferl


…with Floor Drees, Managing Director at sektor5 coworking space vienna in USECONs Webinar Series 2017 “Alina’s Guests” (#3) (English)

Everyone working in Artificial Intelligence (AI)/chatbots, has the opportunity to further develop technology which will affect the future of especially finance/payment, transport and health. The main question is how human-like‘ these solutions will need to be (if at all) in order to be adopted. And how will the future of employment look like?

Chatbots will need to be interoperable across all messaging platforms and should be able to remember your data across platforms to create a seamless user experience. Interoperable doesn’t mean ‚the same‘. Telegram & wechat demand another approach.

Similarly a multilingual offering also need to be fit for different markets with a potentially significantly different approach and relation to products and services. This has huge impact on conversation.

Instead of employing an archaic set of rules that provide canned responses to questions asked in a very specific way (rule-based approach), chatbots will be able to learn from conversations and recognize when the same question is being asked in a different way. Machine learning and natural language processing will allow AI to recognize when two different consumer requests might, in fact, be the same.

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Follow Up

Do you want to learn more about Chatbots? Do you want to be part of an inspiring discussion between some highly experienced and knowledged theoretical and practical experts?
Then join a Q&A panel at sektor5 on 4th of September in Vienna!

Thomas Schranz (Founder of Blossom, organizer of Lemmings I/O), Dr. Barbara Ondrisek (aka “Bot Mother”) and Anna Berger (Cognitive Science student who analyses and designs the conversations of the payment bot GoSEPP) will discuss the most interesting use cases for Chatbots, the biggest take-aways and the development of conversations between Artificial Narrow Intelligence and humans.

Register now for free and join the Chatbots culture.

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