“Virtual & Augmented Reality” Workshop

Workshopteilnehmer mit VR-Brille

On June, the 29th 2017, USECON’s announced Follow Up of its latest Webinar “Alina’s Guests: Virtual & Augmented Reality” took place in the Experience Lab of the AIT – Center for Technology Experience.

This free workshop aimed to give the audience of the held webinar the possibility to cross the bridge from the presented theoretical content, demonstrated use cases and visualized approaches of VR and AR over to the practice. The Experience Workshop has been held by USECON and the AIT together, just like USECONs Webinar, where the AIT has been invited as a guest.

The participants were able to try out the VR and AR systems themselves during the two-hour workshop. Beyond, they received information about the latest trends, general functionalities, technical insights and of course answers to all their questions.

USECON and the AIT received very positive feedback concerning this first Experience Workshop and had a lot of fun at diving into virtual worlds.

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