USECON Webinar: Mobile Ethnography & User Research

Vortragende bei Experience Fellow Webinar

From left to right: Carina Hauser (USECON), Klaus Schwarzenberger (ExperienceFellow)

User Research…with Klaus Schwarzenberger from ExperienceFellow!

Mobile Ethnography offers insight to the real user behaviour and the habits of employees and customers.

Experiences are captured on smartphones and generate an essential input for future Customer Experience decisions. But what do users experience? What kind of tools are used when and how? “Mobile ethnography” has the answer and insights for future solutions to these and more questions.

Mobile Ethnography & User Research

With an employee experience study, Klaus Schwarzenberger (ExperienceFellow) and Carina Hauser (USECON) will answer the following questions on Wednesday 09.03.2016 at 14:00:

  • What is Mobile Ethnography?
  • What kind of problems/questions can be answered with Mobile Ethnography?
  • How does Mobile Ethnography support User Research?
  • What kind of design inputs can be gained?

Mobile Ethnography is a mixture of and old method with a new and innovative tool (ExperienceFellow), which enables companies to understand their user’s (employee’s, customer’s,…) needs.

You can find more videos on our USECON Youtube channel.

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