USECON subsurface – our role in the MED1stMR project


As one of the 19 European partners in the renowned MED1stMR project,  USECON is responsible for dissemination and exploitation of the project. This means the communication and commercialization of the research project.

MED1stMR is an interdisciplinary EU research and technology project in which science, technology and end-users from rescue and emergency organizations have joined forces to develop a mixed reality training solution for medical first responders . The virtual training solution, which combines classic VR with a haptic experience, trains triage in mass casualty incidents, as well as the on-scene organization and communication.

The challenge is to bring all the partners together, but also to develop a solution that can succeed on the market once the project is over. After all, research should be applicable and usable. The integration of end users such as Johanniter Austria, Heidelberg University Hospital, the Hellenic Rescue Team or the Madrid rescue unit SUMMA 112 makes it possible to develop customer-centric solutions. In order to think outside the box, other blue light organizations are also involved in the solution. Read more about the solution here.

Our role in the MED1stMR project

USECON not only designs the marketing concept and the communication content and manages the communication channels of the project (e.g. on LinkedIn and Twitter/X), but also develops the business plans. This has become a very important part of EU research, because the invested funds should be used sensibly after the end of the project. USECON is an ideal partner with its many years of experience in national and international research projects. This is because we have the research context and at the same time the understanding of the markets for innovations based on our sonsulting experience. Our clients benefit from our network in international science and the research projects from our down-to-earth experience in the daily project business. Bringing disciplines together under the background of HCI is our main goal.

Real exercise in the center on the mountain

On Saturday 16.9.2023, a real-life exercise on large-scale emergencies took place at the training center of the University of Leoben at the Styrian Erzberg as part of MED1stMR – being on site is important for us, because even if our solutions at USECON are mostly digital, this is exactly our approach to always accompany the users in their real environment – because the solution is only user-friendly if you also know the context of use.

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