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Manfred Tscheligi

Member Advisory Board

Manfred Tscheligi – born 1962 in Villach, Carinthia (Austria) – is professor for Human-Computer Interaction & Usability at the University of Salzburg, directing the ICT&S Center (Center for Advanced Studies and Research in Information and Communication Technologies & Society) and also affiliated to the department of computer science (where he acts as deputy head of department). He leads the Human-Computer Interaction & Usability Unit as well as the new Christian Doppler Laboratory for Contextual Interfaces.

More than 25 years of experience

Besides a master in Business Informatics (University of Vienna) he also holds a Ph.D. in Social and Economic Science (University of Vienna, specialisation in Applied Computer Science). Manfred Tscheligi is the founder and director of CURE, the Vienna (Austria) based Center for Usability Research & Engineering which is an independent research organization. Furthermore he is the founder, owner and managing director of USECON, an internationally active usability & user experience engineering consultancy company.

Before that he worked as an Associate Professor for Applied Computer Science at the University of Vienna (Institute for Computer Science and Business Informatics). Manfred Tscheligi has been working in the area of Interactive Systems, Human-Computer Interaction, Usability Engineering, User Interface Design and User Experience Research for more than 25 years. He is a pioneer in establishing this field in Austria (in university education, as a research field as well as an industrially applied field).

He is also an internationally renowned representative of this field. As well as successfully managing numerous research and industrial projects (among these more than 20 EC projects) he established national and international initiatives in this field.

Conference – and programme committees

Manfred Tscheligi has been a member of different expert groups (e.g. SIGCHI Conference Management Committee, Mobile HCI Steering Commitee). Besides memberships in several conference and programme committees he was the General Conference Co-Chair of CHI2004, the ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human-Factors in Computing Systems (the leading conference in the field).

He was also the Conference Chair of MobileHCI 05 held in Salzburg and the Conference Co-Chair on the International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology 2007 (ACE), further the Conference Co-Chair of EuroITV2008 and of the AmI09 (Europen Conference on Ambient Intelligence) and was chairing AutomotiveUI 2011.

Publications and Speaker activities

Manfred Tscheligi is author of several publications, a distinguished speaker at conferences and seminars and has been teaching at several universities and technical colleges. He has been a member of the Editorial Board of “Interacting with Computers” (Elsevier), is a member of the Editorial Board of the Book Series “Human-Computer Interaction” (Kluwer/Springer) and acted as Special Column Editor and Member of the Editorial Board of the ACM Interactions Magazine.