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Responsive Web-Design for Paylife

The Paylife Bank GmbH is Austria’s leading company in the fields of card based and cashless payments. End of 2015, the Paylife Bank GmbH has become the SIX Payment Services (Austria) GmbH, although the brand Paylife remained.

USECON has been able to support the SIX (former Paylife Bank GmbH) since many years in various Usability and User Experience (UX) Design projects. Goal of this project has been, to create a web-service for the online orders of credit cards. By doing so, our task was to design a User Interface which provides an adequate, responsive depictions on every device and supports the user in an optimal way.

From sketch to final design

Together with the Paylife Bank GmbH, we’ve created a web-service for the online orders of credit cards. The service has been realized as responsive User Interface, which secures an optimized depiction on all output devices as desktop, tablet or PC. An easy as well as uncomplicated processing of the data input with special attention to an optimal user guidance and an efficient support throughout the system was particularly important.

USECON supported the Paylife Bank GmbH in this project by conception, visual design and fron end development in HTML and CSS. The user-oriented development has been provided through respected Usability and User Experience Tests with the End Users. The results and evaluations of those tests flew directly into the final design step.

It was our goal to design an intuitive and efficient online order process, which guides the customers along each step and aims for the maximization of completion rates
Harald Lahner, Project Lead