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Digitisation Project: Kommunalkredit Austria AG

Kommunalkredit Austria AG (Kommunalkredit) is right on track for being specialised in financing infrastructure since their privatisation in September 2015. They have widened their service to online products for end-users. USECON supported this digitisation with Usability & User Experience knowledge.  


The bank has started there online assessment value service KOMMUNALKREDIT INVEST, which aims at privat clients who want to save money with attractive conditions. This supports important infrastructure investments. KOMMUNALKREDIT INVEST is a user friendly, innovative platform for online assessement values.

User Experience for digital & sales processes

USECON conducted this new assessement value service KOMMUNALKREDIT INVEST with a 3-ary User Experience (UX) & Usability process. The focus lay on the landing page, on the sales processes from a user’s point of view and on the logged-in member area.

Strategic User Experience KPI-Workshops

During the first phase in a KPI-workshop (Key Performance Indicator), the main User Experience & Customer Experience goals were defined and are now the base for the measurements from a customer’s point of view.

Usability & User Experience Tests

Bottom-up on these strategic workshops, a Usability & User Experience test with participants of the target group has taken place in the UX labs of USECON. The results of this phase were directly (agile) communicated to the client (quick reports & findings) and the customer insights have been implemented immediately to the development of the system.

User Experience Study-Design – Family & Friends Phase

The third phase consisted of a broad family & friends study. More than 200 participants tested and tried the new assessement value service. Defined KPIs were measured with Experience questionnaires and classic Usability & User Experience surveys were conducted.

Design of Customer Journeys for digital Processes

The results of these various User & Customer Experience methods were pictured in a Customer Journey model (pain & pleasure points/moments of truth) and are being used by Kommunalkredit Austria AG as the base for future decisions in the digitisation of processes.

Positive customer experiences are crucial for the success of digitisation projects. With the support from USECON, it was possible to react to our customer’s feedback in a very early stage and design the sales processes from a customer’s point of view. Like always, the co-operation was very professional and goal-oriented.
Anne Aubrunner, MSc. MSc., Division Management Online Retail
Having the customer at the centre of attention in, was a main request by Kommnalkredit Austria AG for their new assessment value service. Because of the many stages of the process and the adequate design of the study, the experience of future customers (Customer Experience) could be evaluated and implemented at an early phase.
Johanna Schauerhofer, MSc., Project Lead

About Kommunalkredit Austria AG

Kommunalkredit is a specialist bank for infrastructure financing. Their main focus lies on the segments Energy & Environment, Social Infrastructure and Transport. Find out more about Kommunalkredit Austria AG.