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Interaction Design for SW Machines

The „Schwaebische Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH“ (SW) is an international supplier of solutions for challenging manufacturing systems for metal processing. A core competence is multi-spindle high performance processing center for various branches. USECON supported SW in conceptioning the interface for these centers with the help of user centred design processes.

With User Experience Design to a userfriendly interface

Based on an extensive context analysis and a following UX camp, the interface was designed with the help of user centred design processes. All steps were taken in close collaboration with the project team of SW and longterm partners like KEBA, who were specifically responsible for the grade of innovation of the hardware.

A new, intuitive interface of the performance centres increases user experience and efficiency considerably. With the possibility of height adjustment and pivotability of the machine housing, the ergonomics improves very much for the user and enables him to have all operating processes in view.

Focus on user centred process optimisation

Alongside the housing, the new operational concept stands out with a 24″ user panel with realt time multi touch and newly developed touch technology. The user is especially supported by the custom-designed user interface. The machine status is visible on the dashboard any time. A specifically developed 3D model facilitates visualising the processes from a user’s point of view. Thus arising errors within the operating process can easily be located and corrected. Especially for routine tasks there is a certain user navigation. Furthermore the new user interface also enables the usage of industrial-strength mobile devices for certain use cases.

SW presented the new interface terminal for performing centres on the EMO 2017 in Hannover.