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Customer Experience Account Manager

USECON supported the UniCredit Bank Austria AG at the development of a new account manager in the fields of Usability, user Experience & User Interface Design.

More security – More comfort with the new Bank Austria account manager

Transferring at the terminal of Bank Austria will be more comfortable and more secure in the future and offers a lot of new advantages. Customers are now able to transfer money directly from their account and therefore don’t need IBAN or signature anymore. When using a payment order with a QR code, customers of the Bank Austria are able to read in all significant information with a reader and following safe a lot of valuable time at the terminal.

In order to create a successful service, this one has to be aligned with a target group’s needs. In terms of subjects as Usbaility- and user Experience Tests, we from the Bank Austria like it a lot to work together with the company USECON. Special attention in the self-service section should be paid to Usability. Therefore, we’ve used to fall back on the knowhow on our partner USECON many times.
Duminda N. Weerasekera, MSc., Head of Digital Sales, Unicredit Bank Austria AG

Customer-Centred product development in order to create a positive Customer Experience

An integration of the customer during the development and design process has been very important to the bank Austria. USECON has had the pleasure to already do a Usability & User Experience Experts Review during at a very early stage of the project’s process. At this, concrete potentials have been determined and solutions suggestions have been created.

Based on those results, actual wireframes have been created after a design workshop and afterwards discussed and refined together with the customer.

In the Beta Phase of the development, the user friendliness has been tested under usage of a Usability & User Experience Test with customers from the real target group. 13 persons at different age have been participated at this test; every single test session has been conducted directly at the terminal in order to evaluate the complete interaction (e.g. insert card, transfer money, end the process, etc.)

In a final workshop, the results have been discussed with the project team and the final development of the system started. Since July 2016, the developed account manager has been available for the customers of the bank Austria on site in their foyer.

It was an important concern of the Bank Austria during the development of the account manager to secure an intuitive and efficient usage of the service of all customer groups. Especially, through the tight and committed coordination within the design process as well as at the stage of evaluation with the future customers, we were able to realize the project goals together.
Mag. Markus Murtinger, Projektleitung

In the following video, you can see how easy money transfer has become (Bank Austria video) (German):