RoX 2016 – Crossing [Digital] Borders

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Crossing [Digital] Borders

Digital applications accompany us throughout the day – privately as well as professionally. The intellegent alarm clock tells us when to get up; mobile apps show us the optimal navigation route to avoid the traffic jam. We check in at the office via smart-key and the computer boots. We work with international colleagues via collaboration tools, order our lunch with the smartphone and pick it up from the store. Diapers, which we ordered online, are being delivered on our doorstep. In the evening, we watch films on streaming networks and go on holidays with the virtual glasses.

Borders blur

Analogue and digital borders as well as professional and privat or artifical and real borders begin to blur and melt into one another even more. But what does that mean for future solutions and services? What kind of roles do positive User Experience (UX) and Customer Experience (CS) play? What can companies learn from these trendes?

Start Ups  and young enterprises come to the marketing with various approaches and experience solutions. Subjects like the “internet of things (IoT)” or or “smart homes are still at the very beginning and cause more troubles than benefits – people feel overwhelmed and the whole experience (Customer Experience) is not achieved properly.

How can companies adjust to the future?

But the question is: how can companies adjust? How does a company solve a multi-channel approach? How can these different worlds be combined without creating more barriers? What kind of experience challenges are there in regards to multi-national design- and user interface projects? How do Customer Experience Maps support the process? What kind of experience are there for the customers? And: how does the employee experience change through all this?

Informationen RoX 2016

  • When: THU, 10th. November, 09:00 – 17:00
  • Where: Microsoft Österreich, Am Europlatz 3, 1120 Wien

On Thursday, 10th of November, the RoX conference will again take place at the headquarters of Microsoft Österreich. USECON provides a top-class programme together with their customers and partners (Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverband, BBG, Microsoft,, Tieto, and more) which you should not miss.

(Registration closed) 

You can find some impressions of the RoX 2016 on our flickr-Stream. The presentations of the speakers can be found on Slideshare.

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