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From 13th to 15th of June 2017, the fourth Consortium Meeting and also the second Review Meeting of the LAW-TRAIN project took place in Tel Aviv, Israel. Alina Köhler and Danielle Zsifkovits who are responsible for the two work packages that USECON has in this project, flew to Tel Aviv to meet all the partners and in order to present their work from the last months to the European Commission.

We were hosted perfectly by our partner Compedia, who not only took care for a very nice meeting location and physical well-being but also organized several social activities for the partners after very intense and successful meetings. Members of all nine project partners came together for a personal exchange of expertise, best practice, state of the art and progress in the individual work packages. The Consortium was also very happy to welcome Ms. Dr. Claire Nee, (Portsmouth University, UK) from the external Advisory Board and our End-User Advisors Ms. Jo Taylor (College of Policing, UK) as well as Ms. Anja Janssen (National Public Prosecutor’s Office, Netherlands) who joined the conference as well.

Meeting objectives

The objective of the meeting was on the one hand to present and assess the progress of all work packages of LAW-TRAIN that has been conducted during the last six months, to discuss open issues and jointly outline the work required in the following months. Therefore, on the first day, all work packages have been presented by the responsible partners to demonstrate their conducted progress in detail to the consortium.

As the other objective of the meeting has been the review of last year’s work by the European Commission, all partners used the second day in Tel Aviv for an integral rehearsal to be well prepared at showing the latest results on the next day. Ater this work was done, our partner, the Israel National Police organized a very interesting guided tour through the National Police Academy to provide insights of a Police Students’ life and their work as academy’s trainers. This excursion was especially interesting for all other partners because it further supported an integral view from the end users perspective.

Excellent feedback from the European Commission

On Thursday, the whole Consortium finally presented their work of last year including the latest showcase of the developed 3D virtual environment and the virtual suspect to the European Commission. All the partners have received excellent feedback to their work and were pleased to show again how successful the collaboration of so many different professional disciplines, countries and cultures functions.

Summarizing, we look back on a very interesting, successful and lasting conference full of valuable exchange, hard work and great feedback. Alina and Danielle are very happy that their work has received such a good feedback and are looking forward to meeting again in a few months in Paris with a high motivation to further keep up the good work!

We saved some impressions of our time in Tel Aviv on our flickr stream.
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