Christian Bechinie at Mobile Developer After-Work

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Christian Bechinie at MDAW #10

What is Mobile Developer After-Work? These #mdaw-events are a mix of smyposia and casual meetups. A thematic presentation topic is covered by experts from different point of views. Afterwards is time for networking and discussions with all participants – including snacks and drinks of course. Find more information on: Mobility Builders Website

Presentation to: “Top Down vs. Bottom Up Experience Design”

Users often get angry when the usability is bad. But how do they feel, when the usability is good?
They most certainly don’t feel great automatically. Christian Bechinie, Experience Designer at USECON, helps us to see what kind of design approaches make the users feel good. The examples are lateral thinking, like one of LEGO product development. They show that positive experience is a universal thing that can be controlled and designed with experience design principles – no matte if you plan your next app or your next party.

The presentation and a recap can be found at Mobility Builders Website. Some impressions on Flickr.

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